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Wednesday 4th September 2024 @ 6pm

Free Demo and Talk

Ireland's leading Tai Chi coach Niall O'Floinn will give a free talk and demo in the Galway Rowing Club where you can sign up for evening and morning courses afterwards.

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Tai Chi is ...

Energy is everything

Welcome to Chen Tai Chi Ireland. Find out about weekly classes, Master Seminars, demos, free talks, training tips and health advice.
Tai Chi is suitable for all ages and fitness levels. We hope you enjoy our Tai Chi website and avail of top tips from Ireland’s leading Tai Chi coach.
Tai-Chi can be practiced at any age and practiced to a level of intensity that best suits your goals whether they be learning how to relax, using Tai-Chi as an aid to recovering from an injury or illness, developing improved flexibility and fitness, or practicing more intensely to a higher level of qi flow and gong fu skills over a longer period of training.

The Ray D'Arcy Show

Chen Tai Chi on RTÉ Radio 1

Listen here to Tai Chi expert Niall O'Floinn interviewed on RTE Radio 1 Ray Darcy show

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What is

Tai Chi?

Tai chi is often described as "meditation in motion," but it might well be called "medication in motion."

There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice, which originated in China as a martial art, has value in treating or preventing many health problems. And you can get started even if you aren't in top shape or the best of health.

In the beginning

In the beginning ...

Although the theory of yin and yang (Tai Chi) is a few thousand years old ... read more

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Styles of Tai Chi ...

Chen Style Tai Chi {Taiji}while being the original style of Tai Chi is not the only style, ... read more


Our Lineage ...

While there have been many notable masters of Taiji throughout its history ... read more

World Champion Tuition

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Niall O'Floinn

Head of Chen Tai Chi Ireland.

Shifu O’Floinn began external martial arts at age 10 and was introduced to Tai Chi from his Shaolin Kung Fu teacher in 1993. During a 9 year period, he investigated the internal martial arts with many renowned teachers until finally settling upon the full time study of Chen Style Tai Chi, the oldest form of Tai Chi.

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Wang Hai Jun

12th Generation Chen Master

He is now recognized as an official lineage holder of Chen Style taijiquan 12th generation Chen Master. He has an extensive list of accomplishments in competitions. Between 1988 to 1991, he won 15 gold medals in the form, push hands and sword categories at all styles martial arts competitions in Henan.

our classes

Find out more about our classes or exactly where your nearest Chen Tai Chi class is located.

our classes

Find out more about our classes or exactly where your nearest Chen Tai Chi class is located.



Irish student

”I study Chen Style Tai-Chi under Niall O’Floinn, Galway, for the past number of years.
I began with the hope of improving my posture and balance.

I have gained greater body awareness but also have benefited greatly from a feeling of general well being.
After attending a class I feel less stressed and better able to keep any issues in perspective.
I hugely enjoy the challenge of learning Tai-Chi and would recommend Tai-Chi to everyone!”.

Karen Egan
Acupuncturist and trainee Tai-Chi teacher

”A few years ago, I started up my own business and had a lot of responsibility and pressure.
I began having monthly headaches, low energy and disturbed sleep.

After one year, I decided to do a Chen Style Tai -chi course with Niall O’Floinn and immediately
experienced huge benefits from it. My headaches disappeared, my stress levels reduced substantially
and energy and sleep improved lots.

I recommend it to lots of my Acupuncture and Massage clients who I rapidly see visible improvements in
their health – emotionally, mentally and physically. It works hand-in-hand with how I hope to instill the
individuals responsibility for their own health as well as empowering them to return to harmony.”.

Speech and Language Therapist and Dancer.

”I joined the Galway Tai-Chi Academy in June 2008 and was immediately impressed
by the feelings of calmness, serenity and stress relief following a class. I find Tai-Chi
to be the one activity that really de-stresses me from a hectic lifestyle and work in the
health care profession.

As I also Dance, I began Taichi primarily to aid balance following dance injuries but
have since realized the benefits not only to balance but also to core stability, overall
tone and flexibility. From a health perspective, I find it aids digestion, sleep and
overall body balance.”.

Maureen Rabbitt

”I started six years ago with Niall O’Floinn,
I now have an ever expanding circle of friends and the legs of a 25 year old!.”.

Elizabeth Downey

"I began practicing Tai-Chi with the Galway Tai -Chi Academy in September 2009
and find it a wonderful way to energize balance and maintain the free flow of chi
which is so important for physical and mental well being.

As an acupuncturist I use needles to access this energy in my patients, with
regular practice of Tai – Chi I am able to do this for myself and the benefits are
transferred into every aspect of my everyday life."

Niall at fort posing on Rocks



"Niall O’Floinn is a masterful Tai-Chi teacher. He guides his students with subtle grace through the intricacies of this beautiful practice." Dr. Michael Hogan (Psychologist & Author of 'The culture of our thinking in relation to spirituality'

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