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- Cardiovascular & Vascular Function

Everyone will be familiar with the fact that Tai Chi reduces hypertension (high blood pressure) but may not be aware of the other effects on cardiovascular health and function.

Hypertension increases with stress and aging as the nervous system shifts into a more sympathetic dominant role. The more constricted the blood vessels become, the harder the heart has to work to pump blood through the body, thus increasing the blood pressure. High blood pressure can lead to strokes, heart attacks, heart failure, aneurysms and renal failure.

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Relaxation Response

Tai Chi’s deep breathing, soft and slow movement and calm alert attention harmonizing breath, intention and movement lead to the blood vessels dilating and shift back to a mere parasympathetic dominant nervous system known commonly as “the relaxation response”.

Additionally, persistent and regular practice of Tai Chi’s silk reeling, standing and sitting meditation and form practice, can have significant positive effects on the heart and the entire cardiovascular system, which is another reason why doctors worldwide recommend Tai Chi to patients with heart problems.

Tai Chi’s specialized training which has been refined over hundreds of years to create optimum mental and physical balance, can thicken the myocardium tissues and the wall of the heart. It strengthens the heart contraction and increases both the total and stroke volumes of the heart.

It may also increase the elasticity of the artery walls and enlarge the coronary artery. These positive physiological changes can improve the function of the vascular system so that nutrients from the digestive system, oxygen from the respiratory system and hormones from various internal organs and glands can be more efficiently transported to functional organs throughout the whole body to support the metabolism processes and to stabilize the internal environment.

By practicing Tai Chi for an extended period of time, one will benefit in terms of heart capacity.

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The Heart

By practicing Tai Chi for an extended period of time, one will benefit in terms of heart capacity.

Such benefit is shown as slowed down resting heart rate, slower heart rate incline doing regular workouts and significant heart rate incline doing high intensity or flat-out workout as well as quick recovery after workouts.

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At your own rate

Advanced hand forms that use explosive movement, as well as slow, soft movement along with many light and heavy weapon routines greatly increase stamina and endurance.

Tai Chi can be practiced to whatever level of intensity that suits a student’s health, age and fitness. The elderly and those recovering from illness or injury or those with weak constitutions, can be seen practicing alongside sports enthusiasts, body builders and those with excellent athletic capabilities, making Tai Chi a universally accessible and loved exercise system that offers huge benefits in today’s fast paced world. It teaches people to slow down, breathe, center and ground themselves as well as regain their balance and connection to themselves to be able to live a healthier and happier life.

No wonder it’s considered a cultural treasure in China and practiced by 300 million people worldwide!

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