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This gentle form of exercise can help maintain strength, flexibility, and balance, and could be the perfect activity for the rest of your life.

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Tai Chi has slow and fast movement but primarily slow in the beginning to help people relax, train internal energy, sensitivity and develop internal power.

We use relaxed coiling spiral type movement to release tension and stiffness and improve relaxation and blood and energy flow. Movement should be always relaxed, natural and comfortable and we connect our breathing and mind intent to our movement which helps bring us into the present moment.

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Tai Chi for

Maintenance & Improvement

Tai Chi is recognized by the Chinese Government and many Health Institutes around the world as the form of exercise that offers one of the greatest all-round benefits to health.

As well as being excellent for general health and well being,Tai Chi is now recognized by major medical authorities to be beneficial and effective in treating various serious medical conditions.Western Medicine is just starting to test the health benefits of Tai Chi and some of the results have been remarkable.

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The oldest form of Tai Chi is called Chen Style and has a balance of Yin and Yang, slow and fast movement. Many people have only ever seen the slow movements of Tai Chi so are surprised to find out there´s much more to it as one progresses and you can take it to a “fighting fit” level if you have the will ,patience and perseverance.


Find out more about our classes or exactly where your nearest Chen Tai Chi class is located.

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Find out more about our classes or exactly where your nearest Chen Tai Chi class is located.

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"Niall O’Floinn is a masterful Tai-Chi teacher. He guides his students with subtle grace through the intricacies of this beautiful practice." Dr. Michael Hogan (Psychologist & Author of 'The culture of our thinking in relation to spirituality'

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