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The slow motions of Tai Chi enhance the flow of one’s vital qi (energy) throughout the internal organs. Tai Chi uses deep abdominal breathing patterns. Such breathing patterns increase the range of motion of the diaphragm and abdominal muscles providing extra massaging effects to the stomach and intestines.

At the same time, such motions also increase the amount of digestive fluid, shorten the digestive time and improve the absorption efficiency. As a result, regular Tai Chi practice can improve one’s appetite, improve one’s digestive ability and recovery from indigestion, ulcers and other digestive system related diseases.

In Tai Chi, it is required that the movements co-ordinate with breathing to increase lung capacity. One’s breathing gradually becomes much slower and deeper. This breathing pattern increases the lung capacity by improving the contraction and dilation of the diaphragm, increasing the distraction force in the chest, increasing the surface area where the alveolar sacs contact the walls of the capillaries.

With regular exercise, pulmonary ventilation and respiratory capacity can be greatly increased and breathing activities and body movements can be better coordinated creating more potentially powerful movement.

Therefore under the same workload, the length and efficiency of continuous work will not decrease. Tai Chi can prevent chronic diseases as well as increase work efficiency.

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"Niall O’Floinn is a masterful Tai-Chi teacher. He guides his students with subtle grace through the intricacies of this beautiful practice." Dr. Michael Hogan (Psychologist & Author of 'The culture of our thinking in relation to spirituality'

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