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Shifu Niall O’Floinn teaches weekly classes in Galway and special day seminars in other cities where his students teach or where invited by groups wishing to learn Tai Chi, whether they be acupuncture, shiatsu schools, active retirement groups, external martial arts clubs, mental health forums, Chinese communities, University programs etc.

Shifu O’Floinn is Director of Studies of the Galway Tai Chi Academy, Ireland’s largest Chen Style Tai Chi school and centre for teacher training.

So 8 months of the year you can train with him weekly in Galway in public classes or private one on one or small groups of up to 3 people maximum. He runs seminars at the Academy also where people from other parts of Ireland can travel to attend.

He also visits other schools who are members of Chen Tai Chi Ireland and is available to travel also to your club in Ireland even if you are not yet associated with Chen Tai Chi Ireland. To book a seminar with Shifu O’Floinn, please email with your inquiry.

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2/3 Dec 2023 Grandmaster Seminar Galway
24/25 Feb 2024 Grandmaster Seminar Galway
1/2 June 2024 Grandmaster Seminar Galway
30Nov/1 Dec 2024 Grandmaster Seminar Galway
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Shifu Niall O’Floinn teaches in Curitiba every year and has many trained instructors there now holding weekly classes in their local areas.

For full details on seminars in Brazil, contact our website 
or our Facebook page

If you would like to organize a seminar in your city with Shifu O’Floinn and his teacher, Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun, please contact:

Anderson Rosa:,

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Seminars in Europe with Shifu Niall O’Floinn currently are focused regularly in Italy and Spain where his main base of students outside Ireland, are located. Shifu has trained several teachers who now also teach in Poland. If you wish to organize a seminar with Shifu and his teacher Grandmaster Wang please contact us directly. English is Shifu’s first language, but he can also speak mandarin Chinese, Spanish and Portuguese.

Shifu currently is promoting Chen Tai Chi in Europe in the lineage of Grandmaster Wang Hai Jun, 12th generation standard bearer of Taiji. You can contact us also if you wish to travel to any seminars in Ireland. Contact Chen Tai Chi Ireland for a full list of European contacts who host seminars with Shifu Niall O’Floinn and Grandmaster Wang.


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